jar with silver feathers

You know, maybe the reason we fall in love so fast is because we've got so much love to give?


so much crap coming out, it must take you all day..

'Bet you sleep like a child with your thumb in your mouth
I could creep up beside put a gun in your mouth
makes me sick when I hear all the shit that you say
so much crap coming out it must take you all day

There's a space kept in hell with your name on the seat
With a spike in the chair just to make it complete
When you look at yourself do you see what I see
If you do why the fuck are you looking at me

There’s a time for us all and I think yours has been
Can you please hurry up cos I find you obscene
We can’t wait for the day that you’re never around
When that face isn’t here and you rot underground'

Нямам какво друго да кажа.

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